Abrasion-proof suction and transport hose; Heavy, Exterior folds
Abrasion-proof suction and transport
hose, especially suitable:
•for public utility street cleaning vehicles
•heavy model
•highly flexible + compressible
• extremely abrasion-proof with reinforcement
underneath wire and narrow hose pitch (abrasion
resistance about 2.5 to 5 times better than most
rubber materials and about 3 to 4 times better
than most soft PVC´s)
•flow-optimizing exterior folds
• flexible with low weight (in comparison with
rubber hoses)
•high tensile strength and tear resistant
•microbe resistant
•good resistance to mineral oils and gasoline
•good resistance to chemicals
•good resistance to UV and ozone
• very good low temperature flexibility (better than
comparable ester-polyurethanes)
•free of softener and halogen
•gas and liquid tight
•conform to RoHS guideline
• according to German TRBS 2153 (formerly
BGR 132): capable of electro-static discharge
by grounding the spiral, recommended for many
applications with the exception o nflammable
bulk materials
Temperature Range
•-40 °C approx. to +90 °C approx.
•short time to +125 °C approx.
AIRDUC ® profile hose
1. spring steel wire firmly embedded in wall
2. profile with optimised flow properties
wall: special premium polyurethane (Pre-PUR® )
3. wall thickness 1.5 mm approx.
Delivery variants
•cut lengths and special lengths
•transparent + partially black coloured (standard)
• special colours: partially coloured, completely
•customer-specific product marking
• as a pre-assembled hose system with CONNECT
•customised connectors

I.D. mm O.D. mm Overpressure bar Vacuum bar Bending Radius mm Weight kg/m Production Lengths m Order No.
200 213 0,375 0,120 416 3,120 5 10 355-0200-5200
206 219 0,365 0,120 438 3,210 5 10 355-0206-5200
225 238 0,335 0,100 476 3,500 5 10 355-0225-5200
257 270 0,290 0,075 540 3,980 5 10 355-0257-5200
280 293 0,265 0,070 586 4,330 5 10 355-0280-5200
400 413 0,180 0,040 816 6,850 5 10 355-0400-5200

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